Additional solutions are available within IRONBOLT depending on your requirements.

RFID Stocktaking

The ability to seamlessly handle barcodes and RFID tags within the same stocktaking application makes our RFID Inventory Stocktaking system a unique and obvious choice for large retail organisations considering a staged adoption of RFID inventory control.

  • Designed for speed & resilience.
  • Multi-store, multi-event support.
  • Android application supporting both barcode and RFID stocktaking.
  • Inventory reconciliation.

Timesheets and Work Analysis

The accurate capture of hours worked on projects and their allocation to the correct cost centre is vital to ensure labour costs stay within the estimate and are properly accounted for.

  • Timesheet data capture solution enables site managers to quickly enter normal hours and overtime for work performed.
  • Easy-As functionality for quickly entering timesheets for larger teams.
  • Timesheet approval workflow identifies timesheet status and manages the approval process.
  • Timesheets integrate with our Pay Allowance Calculation solution and can be optionally integrated with third-party project management software via APIs.

Pay Allowance Calculations

Calculating Pay Allowances can be a daunting task. Manual data capture of hours worked and allowance calculation via spreadsheets make the task labour intensive and are a common source of manual errors resulting in staff complaints and compliance issues. Knowing and being able to demonstrate that your staff are being paid correctly gives everyone great peace of mind.

  • Integrates with project/job planning and payroll systems.
  • Applies complex allowance calculation rules that streamline the process.
  • Provides assurance that payroll costs are well managed.

Asset Bookings

IRONBOLT provides flexible and configurable ways to manage assets and equipment bookings. Whether you just need a quick way to reserve an item for a single activity or need the ability to reserve multiple items for recurring activities, our asset booking system has got you covered.

Restriction rules enable you to configure who can book what, this way enabling certain items to only be bookable only by selected groups of people. It is also easy to make assets temporarily unavailable or to restrict new bookings.

Venue Bookings

Managing venue bookings is not a simple task. It involves a lot of moving parts and numerous people, including venue providers, caterers, cleaners and event producers, who need to clearly communicate and coordinate their actions to ensure events and functions run smoothly.

IRONBOLT Venue Booking solution simplifies the information workflow, ensuring that the important details are captured and processed efficiently, keeping people up-to-date with what is going on. Integrated analytics to allow you to measure and analyse venue and event performance.

  • Manage bookings for multiple venues and spaces.
  • Online Quotes.
  • Online Bookings and Secure Payments.
  • Customer Management.

Rowing Regatta Analysis






Credential Management

IRONBOLT Credential Management solution simplifies credential lifecycle management. By keeping a live map of occupations and credential requirements within your business, IRONBOLT workflows enable your employees and contractors to keep track of their training and testing obligations.

  • Online certification self-service portal.
  • Certificate upload and workflow.

Membership Applications & Subscriptions

Managing club membership is a serious business with a lot of things to do and keep track of: onboarding new members; managing renewals; meetings and activities; facilities booking; renewals and receipts; plus organising all the meetings, documents and member communications.

Our membership management software simplifies the membership lifecycle management by providing a common platform where your team can work together, being easily able to see what requires attention and what jobs are still outstanding.

Automated workflows make it easy to distribute tasks and keep everyone informed.

From online membership applications, automated renewals invoicing, rich support for tracking member communications, managing different membership types and fees, keeping your files together in one place and sharing calendars of activities and events.

Integrated analytics enable you to measure and analyse membership, activities and financial performance.