Standard Features

IRONBOLT comes with a number of features which are available for all organisations and users.

Manage People

IRONBOLT can help manage the people who make up your organisation, including Staff, Volunteers, Directors, Athletes or Members. IRONBOLT will also assist with maintaining a relationship with people external to your organisation, such as customers, vendors or suppliers.

  • Build on the unique relationship you have with the people within your organisation, and also those who are external.
  • Explore in new ways the people who make up your organisation.
  • Build Teams.
  • The “MyAccount” web portal allows access to IRONBOLT for everyone within your organisation.

Manage Calendars

IRONBOLT can help you manage the various events and activities for your organisation.

  • Publicise Sporting Competitions.
  • Manage Leave Requests, RDOs and Training Days.
  • List Venue availability.

Manage Documents

IRONBOLT can help you manage, and securely store, documents which are important to your organisation.

  • Secure document and photo management.
  • Create content pages for online publications.
  • Auto-deletion of uploaded document as part of a workflow.
  • Auditing of documentation access.

Data Integrations

  • Import data from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Export data.
  • Integrations with 3rd party vendors available.

Data Capture

IRONBOLT was built to be flexible, specifically designed to allow different methods to capture user input.

  • Create Forms for use within surveys, meetings, inspections and applications.
  • Use Attributes to capture additional data about people, assets or inventory.
  • Use Training Logs to track performance.

Data Analysis

IRONBOLT is fundamentally a data platform with purpose-lead analytics built into the application.

  • Analytics are delivered in-application with a purpose of guiding the user to what they need to pay attention to.
  • Workflow and alerts are data driven.


Flexible and secure security implemented based on how your organisation works.

  • User roles which reflect how your Organisation works.
  • Separation between administration and data access roles.
  • Auditing options to track both data changes, and data access.


  • Modern cloud-based application delivered as a service.
  • Functionality is delivered via web portals and mobile device apps.

Ease of Use

Our goal with IRONBOLT is to provide easy to use software which can guide an unfamiliar user to what they need to pay attention to, and be a powerful analytical tool for the more experienced user.